A Young Donor’s Striking Niche: Tracking Severe Weather was published by Inside Philanthropy in July of 2016, and highlighted the charitable interests of Jonathan Merage. Jonathan is a young philanthropists who focuses his foundation’s funding on scientific research within severe weather and the utilization of alternative energy sources. Unlike his parents, David and Laura Merage, and his sister Sabrina—all of whom focus much of their foundation funding on Jewish life, arts and culture, and early childhood education—Jonathan has focused his funding in a unique way. As a storm tracker himself, Jonathan enjoys learning the intricacies of tornadoes, lightning, and other severe weather storms. Jonathan’s personal interest in severe weather and sustainability are reflected in the partnerships of the Jonathan Merage Foundation.


The article highlights Jonathan’s unique interests, “…its storm-related niche is unique and the beneficiaries are pretty cool.” The Jonathan Merage Foundation has partnerships with the University of Hawaii, Hawaii Nature Center, Denver Botanic Gardens, Colorado State University, and the University of Colorado Boulder. All of these partnerships aim to either increase the use of alternative energy sources or aid our understanding of severe weather storms. Jonathan strives to create relationships with an educational component, engaging the public in activities and interactive ways of learning more about the sciences.