Create Chinook Winds at the Science Pyramid



The Jonathan Merage Foundation and Denver Botanic Gardens partnered to bring to life a projection interactive at the Science Pyramid in Denver. By utilizing Kinect 3D motion sensing technology and large-scale projection mapping on the large interior wall, visitors can better understand the cause and effect of ecology, climate, geography, and weather. The interactive model… Read more »

Jonathan Merage Foundation + HNC Solar Panel Installation



Jonathan Merage’s funding relationship with Hawaii Nature Center (HNC) began in April 2016 when he visited the center for the first time and noticed their priorities aligned with many of his personal and philanthropic interests. HNC is located on the island of Honolulu where they work with local residents to increase their knowledge, understanding, and… Read more »

A Young Donor’s Striking Niche



A Young Donor’s Striking Niche: Tracking Severe Weather was published by Inside Philanthropy in July of 2016, and highlighted the charitable interests of Jonathan Merage. Jonathan is a young philanthropists who focuses his foundation’s funding on scientific research within severe weather and the utilization of alternative energy sources. Unlike his parents, David and Laura Merage,… Read more »

Jonathan Merage Foundation Partners with the University of Hawaii to Investigate How Long-Range Lightning and Storm Balloon Data Can Improve Storm Forecasting


Denver, Colo. (June 20, 2016) – The Jonathan Merage Foundation has embarked on a long-term partnership with the University of Hawaii’s School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology to explore how long-range lightning data can potentially improve storm forecasting. “Through the ingest of lightning and storm balloon data, this project aims to increase our ability… Read more »

The Jonathan Merage Foundation Partners with the Denver Botanic Gardens to add an Interactive Projection Experience at the Science Pyramid



  For several years now, the Jonathan Merage Foundation has partnered with the Denver Botanic Gardens including funding which went to the initial development of the Science Pyramid, educational programming support, as well as the installation of the photovoltaic panels. Opened in 2014, the $6-million, 5,200 square foot Science Pyramid was established to showcase research… Read more »

Hawaii Nature Center’s Iao Valley facility goes solar



Though you often see rain and gray clouds hugging the mountain peaks that tower over Iao Valley, Hawaii Nature Center’s program facility there will soon get solar power (while solar cells do work on overcast days, they’re not as efficient as on sunny days, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association). Hawaii Pacific Solar is installing the… Read more »

Jonathan Merage Foundation + Hawaii Nature Center



On a recent business trip to Maui, Jonathan Merage visited the Hawaii Nature Center (HNC), an educational non-profit that employs interactive, immersive experiences to foster understanding and stewardship of the Hawaiian Islands’ environment. Impressed by Hawaii Nature Center’s scientific and ecological programming, as well as their plans for enhancement, the Jonathan Merage Foundation team is… Read more »

Jonathan Merage Foundation Featured in Denver Botanic Gardens Member Magazine



  The Jonathan Merage Foundation is featured as the Donor Spotlight in the Denver Botanic Gardens’ fall edition of their member magazine, known as Inside the Gardens. In the spotlight, the Denver Botanic Gardens recognizes the Jonathan Merage Foundation’s $100,000 donation that funded the installation of photovoltaic panels on the Science Pyramid, which opened in… Read more »

Jonathan Merage Foundation Funds Innovative Thunderstorm-Intercept Equipment for CU-Boulder



The Jonathan Merage Foundation committed to a $130,000 investment to the University of Colorado Boulder’s College of Engineering and Applied Science for the procurement of a tracker vehicle and a new lightning detection instrument to be integrated into a small, unmanned aircraft. This system is being designed to measure electric field changes associated with lightning… Read more »